Love over done

I could confidently say I’ve felt true love and not under the eye of some for told belief or media crazed romcom that insists its got to be this way or that. No!! For some time, I felt lost and this feeling seemed to carry deeper into that love I felt, but i couldn’t be present enough to be available to accept it at that time I really needed to. Well, time waits for no man, there it is the same beliefs we confide into when its not working, let’s move above this. I’d admittedly felt cursed by a one sided venture, blindly walking forward or was it backwards, the true love had made herself clearer than day and the foggy mess that I’d accepted as normal, strong willed, honest, true, pure was nothing more than a lost soul so consumed by his past that the love he so wished for had her brights on the whole time, years of being saturated under the dark void only pushed her further away, cementing the old ways. But such change also meant losing out on being who I’ve realised I’ve become now. Sadly with such stress and pain, the love that was, withered away. All the advises given by experts prevail obvious mistakes a man leads into in the attempt to save what was lost, proves to only worsen the already wounded heart. But as do wounds open more there are means to be aware and change the course of every action, evolve the situation. In most cases the past stays in the past and the present creates for an even stronger bond that out ways every wrong the two young souls had spent fighting over for years. Who knows